My bill was paid at one-thirty (1:30pm) and it is now 8:40 and no one has come out to reconnect my power and may I add its 40 degrees outside. When I spoke with the agent around 6:30 - 7:00 she stated the best thing to do is to ride around and see if you can find an entergy truck, but the reconnect service has been issued! Something has to be done about the service that we customers receive because this is just outrageous to pay four hundred ($400) for a bill and have to sit and wait eight to nine hours before reconnection!

Product or Service Mentioned: Entergy Electricity Supply.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $375.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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entergy is by far the WORSE service provider ive ever had!! save your money and DO NOT get entergy!!! they rob you for your money and treat their customers like ***


My landlord needed to repair the box our meters and it was done at noon and have been waiting since noon for them to come and reconnect and it is now almost 8 pm and still no entergy. I read the comments about the person that paid late so what are the excuses now. I pay my bill on time but I am the one sitting and waiting is 84 degree weather for damn near 8 hours with my child because I dont have no where to go but my car


It amazes me that these people think that everything is about them. Hey snowflakes you are not the only deadbeat who’s power is being turned back on.

Welcome to the wonderful world of waiting to pay your bills. They don’t just turn you off for no reason people. All of you whining are very late paying your power bill. It is not their fault that you have not managed your money well enough.

That is on each of you individually.

How about accepting that waiting around in the dark and cold is just one of the costs of NOT PAYING YOUR BILLS!! Jeez you people are so terribly self entitled.

to Anonymous #1502596

You have know idea what's going on with a person finance , so don't be so quick to judge , inconsiderate jerk


You neglected to actually state that you were delinquent on paying the bill, they cut you off and now are complaining that they aren't leaping into action to restore your service. Perhaps they should wait to do so for as many days as you were late in paying.


This is the worst light company I've ever experienced. My lights were cut off after I paid my bill, was told I paid too late so I had to pay a reconnect fee.

I spoke with 2 representatives who informed me my lights would be back on the same day and it's a whole 24 + hours later and my lights still aren't on.

Speaking with customer service is like pulling teeth that aren't ready. Just ridiculous meanwhile my food is going bad and I have a 17 month in the dark all while I'm currently pregnant


Yes thats true payed my bill at 5:50 i asked how long will it take to reconnect they told me depends where you are. Im like seriously. Iys already 12:07 at night & im still waiting.

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