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I moved from an apartment to my current address, a home, where I had to use the electric provider - Entergy for both places because they have monopoly in much of the 77339 area. My usage history shows that I rarely exceed 1000 KWh each month, yet, my bill is ridiculously high (example 08/2017 I used 882 KWh, but was charged over $100).

Now recently, I had to transfer my services from the apartment to a new home and I noticed that I was billed $163.04. Looking at the breakdown, I noticed Entergy charged me a transfer fee THREE (3) TIMES and this does not include the connection fee charge. Why? This company is ripping off the Kingwood residents and it's just not ethically right.

how much do they charge per KWh usage. I've installed all energy efficient appliance, light bulb and everything you can think of, except a solar panel and yet, Entergy is over billing us.

Someone needs to investigate this company. This complaint does not include the power outages we experience periodically

Product or Service Mentioned: Entergy Service Transfer.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I didn't like: Being over charged, Service, Lack of refund or price fairness.

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All the negative comments about Entergy Arkansas is 100% correct. I had one missed agreement 8 months ago and they will not allow me to defer a pass due amount. I've never heard of an electric company being so unreasonable!

to vette #1518589

I live in Texas,& first let me start off my saying, I take FULL responsibility, for my electric bill, being the LAST thing I was worried about, last year 2017, due to Harvey, along with the rest of the community, we literally lost EVERYTHING,& finding an open hotel for myself & my 4 kids was the ONLY thing on my mind. Fast forward to April 2018, TWO weeks, after Finally being able to come HOME!!

Now, keep in mind ENTERGY was deferring payments, for Hurricane Harvey victims, ONLY until you moved back home,& they send you a disconnect notice, wanting ALL of it or be disconnected! I called BEGGING to be put on a payment plan & was very rudely told No, I had to pay the whole $1,300 that had accumulated since August of 2017. I knew that was impossible, so I contacted an agency that was helping flood victims,& they were willing to pay $1200 of my bill, but Entergy wouldn’t accept that, I had 48 hours to come up with the other $200 ( it was the other $100 I owed, PLUS,a $100 that was not even DUE, yet) unfortunately I just did not have it, not for another week, when I got paid, my appt was at 8:45 AM on May 14, 2018 with this agency,& due to me not having the extra $200, ENTERGY shut me off at 12:34 pm THAT day! Since then, I have contacted every agency, Entergy supervisors & no help.

I never wanted or asked to get out of bill. Just to make payments. Then, after my acct was closed,& my deposit had been applied to my bill, I recieved ANOTHER bill for $211.30, but the previous meter reading & the reading on the bill, NEVER changed!!

PLEASE tell me, how I now have ANOTHER $211.30 bill,& the electricity was OFF!!?????? I HATE this company & we ALL need to stop them, before they drain us dry!

to Anonymous #1532724

I do not understand your post, you say they deferred your electric bill yet you were not living in the home due to hurricane Harvey ,, how did you accumulate a 1300 dollar bill while not in the home? I really not understand this amount, I am guessing you don't either.

I got on here cause I was upset about 1.60 charge on my bill from a 2008 ice storm it is now 2018,, I am reading some pretty awful stories about what is happening to people who live in hurricane areas, Wow, I am not sure even what to say. I wish i knew how entergy charged you for electric use while not living in the home Can somebody explain that to me, that just adds insult to injury to people who have lost everything, Energy makes enough money to have compasssion and work with customers ,, I am seeing trillions of dollars being collected for storm recovery,, closer to coast the worse the stories get. Energy gets federal dollars on top of bloated billing practice of charging customers for storm recover,, plus they must be insured, How much money does one energy company need for petes sake? Gosh, how do the important people in charge of this business sleep at night,, how many homes do they own, boats, trips,, i just wonder what their lifestyle might be ,, ceo make how much?

Is this why so many people are moving out of Texas and Louisanna,, is that the plan to make it unaffordable to live along the coast ? HMMM


I moved from a house to an apartment. I had to call Entergy 2 separate times at my new place.

Twice I asked if I had a balance and was told no. I got my 1st bill and it was $800 and some change. I called entergy because I never received a final bill from my previous residence. The researched why it was so much for 7 days.

Mind you I was charged 444 dollars and some change for 7 days. Once they finished their research I was told Nov Dec and Jan readings were identical. So they had to bill me the difference. Ok why didn't the meter reader let entergy know my meter was bad and have it replaced?

Why when I asked if I had a balance they told me no and lastly why was I never sent a final bill? The customer service rep had no idea why any of that was done and just kept apologizing. While I don't blame the rep I am upset they have no communication at all. The only thing they could do for me was either send another reader out to read the meter at a location I moved out of on Feb 2nd or give me 3 months to pay the balance..

Well of course I picked the 3 months because I am not paying someone elses bill because someone else lives in that house now.. They are incompetent and seriously take advantage of being the only power company in Lousiana..

to Dawn F #1532738

I do not understand this post,

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