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Update by user Nov 02, 2018

now , that's a bunch of pictures of the damage ,isn't it ? got a ton more , some were sent to to corporate , and northern division in emails that were never replied to , seems I may have your attention now .

where did I learn to do this and document everything . Entergy , you trained me well .

Update by user Oct 31, 2018

this is about the damage that entergy transmission line crews and contrators have done to my property by crossing without my permission or consent

Original review posted by user Oct 30, 2018

on 9 30 2018 entery transmission crews entered my property without asking my permission or contacting me , there by trespassing and causing property damage to a well maintained and mowed lawn an property . I first contacted the sherrifs dept and obtained a deputys inspection and police report ,with pending arrest warrant .

then made contact with their employees ,as this not the first time this has happened , their employees Jacob brady and Jeremy lamkin , entergy la llc , west Monroe inspected the property on 9/10 n 9/11 and admitted the damage was theirs . not really seeming to care about my rights as a property owner ,just that they got caught at it again . having delt with brady before , he knew I was dead serious about having my property repaired and restored back to where I could mow it again . last time it took them over si months to do this and it still was not right .

I said I would pay someone to fix it and they being entergy repay me ,which they agreed to do and supposedly submitted the paperwork to pay me the damages on 9/17. as of this date I have not been paid for the work I paid to have done to fix the mess they once again made , seems they not only do not respect property owners but do not answer emails or calls . I have many supporting pictures of the damage and the completed repairs that I paid for . none of this surprises me , as I retired from entergy la and know their tactics well.

the pictures did not load or are to large or I would have included them . ty for your time dst

Product or Service Mentioned: Entergy Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

Preferred solution: pay me the agreeded on price for the damages .

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this time handled by another employee of entergy la, northern div . transmission .

Kyle took this mess up and turned it around . found the original paperwork and submitted it for payment 11/26/18 was invoiced and sent for payment to accounting 11/27 payment was issued 11/29 and received on 12/6/18 . notified me of further construction to be performed on another location of property I own and met with me an the contractors 11/26 work was performed on 11/27 contractors were respectful of my property damage was expected and did occur but I was fully informed , a request to repair damage from this repair was submitted on 12/19/18 .I have confidence I will be paid in a few weeks for this damage and I will restore my property to the condition it was in before the line work was performed . there is a right way and a wrong way to handel things and this time it was done right .

once I am paid for the second damage I will condsider this matter fully resolved and closed . ty


never a response to emails , that would create a data trail. just ignore or act like they have never received them.

last time I checked on this site alone entergy had 46 complaints and only one resolved . not a good record . if I will sign a release BEFORE I am repaid for repairing my own damages and fill out a w9 ,to pay taxs on the payment for damages like it was income .

then I might get paid in another month or two, if no one looses the paperwork again . and still no one even looks at the why and where , or who caused the damages .


those entergy teams must be taking awhile to review and then report their findings , or they are having a hard time finding any of the LOST ,misplaced or missing work orders and the incident reports . look harder .

have a few more meetings , ask a few questions , put those teams to work on it . I will wait .


Just like Dominion. (natural gas) Tear up your property, be obnoxious and arrogant for a few days, then leave you with a big mess to clean up.

They are the worst company of any sort in the county. I'd do anything legal to cut them out of my life and keep them away from our property.

to Anonymous #1592650

This time entergy got caught by someone who knows their tactics from the inside out , lets just loose the paperwork of this complainer and teach him a lesson on complaining . how dare him take pictures and report us to law enforcement .

much less report us to corporate and legal . this fool even exspects us to pay him for having his own property repaired for the damages we caused . I knew how this would play out,so I did pay someone to fix at least some of the damage ,rather than wait months for anything to be done about it . so entergy say our teams will review it .

review all you want or do I have to come and pull the work orders and look for the incident and safety report, which are probably lost to . so now I wait for your review .


need to clear this up this was posted as happening on 9/30/18 the actual date it occurred was on august 30 2018 I reported it first to the sherrifs dept on 9/1 thinking it had been done by a pipeline contactor working the same area on that date , being it was a labor day weekend . that contractor responded on sunday to my complaint by email and phone calls ,being Monday was a holiday they had two field supervisors to meet me on Tuesday at 0900 and show me although they were working nearby did not cause the damage as they were told not to cross any part of the mowed and maintained area of my property , this is how you respond to a land owners complaint . entergy northern division transmission line oc , west Monroe was contacted on 9/4/18 by phone and emails along with the support photographs of the damage and admitted the caused the damage once again as nearly two years to the day they damaged this property as well as other property that I owned and it took them six months to repair that property , I made an over to have it repaired


Type your message hereit seems since you posted this to twitter someone at entergy took a look at it . lets see , they did not answer the emails or calls before , so the want to find the owner me.

d.s Thomas , location 394 loch lomand road , line is sterlington Downsville l.129.1 northern division entergy contact Jacob brady transmission line oc jbrady@entergy.com west Monroe la 1838 old Natchitoches rd , west Monroe . la 71292 incident first reported on 9/5 18 to brady then to Jeremy lamkin oc vegetation field ops la , entergy check your emails records of calls , incident reports ,if any were filled out , I never saw one , also should have been one filled with the safety dept northern division , doubt that happened to . this incident should be reviewed further for following company protocol and safety as well as the violation of property owner rights .

now did I do your job for you ? d,s Thomas dthomascycle@hotmail.com the number I will let you track down Daniel s Thomas property owner of the damaged property 394 loch lomand road section 25 20 n range 3e line num 129.1

to daniel s 0312asb #1591116

so since this went to twitter I must have struck a nerve , I got a call. I stated my facts and got the we will look into it .

hmm now the pissed off property owner is d.s Thomas ,retired entergy , l p &l yes at one time we were Louisiana power and light co. a proud company who took customer service to the highest level. if we damaged some ones property , we did not wait to hear from them , we owned up to it and fixed and made it right and we did it quickly . now about 1983 came the mergers and entergy was born and it became what it is today , the corporation .

we will fix it if you can catch us . now you have to deal with someone who worked in the field , then promoted and has been in the big show , barrone st , n.o. Jackson ms, the hotel that big ed lupenberger , Beaumont , Edison plaza . I know protocol ,I know the safety regs and I know customer service .

I fixed my own property rather than have to deal with , the corporation , not this time . lets get to the bottom of it . the work order to change out the cross arm on 129,1 ,who was the crew , who operated the equipment and who decided to unload in a public road and damage it and my drainage ditch? then sneek away and hope no one caught them .

no one saw us so we can get away with it . there is a paper trail or should be , find those responsible , document their actions , have the safety dept review the incident , then when you have those answers , you let me know .

what corrective actions have been taken . not we are looking into it , it was some one elses fault

to Daniel S 0312dst #1591458

oh now we have passed this to our teams for review. hmmm so lets see who covered what up ?

who was on the work order on august 30 2018 to change out the cross arm on 129.i ? who unlawfully unloaded the equipment on a public road which is restricted to a 5 ton limit and there by damaging the roadway and then crossing the drainage ditch which I mow and maintain and who decided the would enter my property without my consent or prior notification , causing damage and rutting to the property and then leaving without telling me of the damage . the crew even lost the cross arm , and other parts of the repair and did not bother to stop and pick them up . total disregard for safety , protocol and property owner rights .

now as just a few of the pictures show you got caught and from my sources within , lets say the big house . was not properly documented or anything investigated as to this matter . time for corporate to step in , find the answers , take corrective measures ,so that this does not happen again . safety and legal , time for a review .

the schools and class's you were sent to on customer service and problem solving and land owner relations , must not have stuck . time for a much needed review . my point is , I let this slide a few times before . not this time , I want answers and I want those who caused the damage and those who did not follow up to have have to answer for their mistakes .

do I wish to be compensated for my damages and out of pocket exspenses , sure but until this has a full review and I get answers . the matter is not resolved .

to Daniel S 0312dst #1591985

the public road loch lomand is already damaged and rated at five tons only and that is clearly posted , the equipment and truck hauling them would have exceeded that . once unloading in the middle of the road and damaging it ,the crew went through the well maintained and mowed drainage ditch, damaging it crossing onto my property which was clearly marked with yellow flagging and no trespassing signs , support pictures I still have .

crossing onto my mowed and maintained property without my permission or consent , there by damaging the property and leaving without notifying me or filing a damage report of any kind with their departments . no my knowledge no incident report has ever been done or anyone being held accountable for damaging my property .

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