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Thanks to the support of state legislators, Entergy received a green light to charge its customers even more. The Storm Restoration Charge has been added to the bills of residential customers since 2008 and will remain there until at least 2026 but I'm quite certain that this time period will increase if another storm occurs. My average storm restoration charge is $25/month. During this 18-year period, Entergy will bank for Storm Restoration Charges alone approximately $5,400 only from me. Entergy has approx. 2.7 million customers. Let's do the math using my average restoration charge fee of $25/month: over the 18-year period of imposing Storm Restoration Charges on customers, Entergy can receive as much as approx. $14.5 trillion. Yes, it is trillion with a T. This does not include energy fees. Only the Storm Restoration Charge. How much restoration are they planning to make with over 14 trillion dollars?

Entergy must not be doing too terribly bad, since they are paying quarterly dividends to their stockholders (see web link below for news release).

America is built on a free enterprise system. Doing business includes taking not only the profits but also the possible risks of doing business. Entergy is pursuing the rewards of doing business but without facing the risks that should be attached to these pursuits. In other words, they are imposing the risks on customers for possible storm damage. What about insurance? Government support? Oh, no. Let the ***, ignorant customer pay the entire bill.

Unfortunately, the energy business is not one of the traditional forms of business and therefore consumers do not have choices available. It is creating a situation where Entergy can do as it pleases - with pertinent support from legislators, of course.

My question is, why nobody is concerned with this Storm Restoration Charge? Why are we all silently paying a fee that is ridiculously high without even asking questions about it? How much money did Entergy really spend on rebuilding its energy infrastructure? I would love to see the bills. After all, I am paying for it.

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I had a house painting business in Dallas, an if a customer came to me about my work, I would refund his money.Then I would go to my other customers and ask them for a donation of $100 a month until my refund was paid.

Ridiculous huh!

But that's what Entergy is doing in it's purest form.As far as I'm concerned this is robbery without a gun, and unconstitutional too.


Nobody is forcing you to use Entergy power

Quit your crying and open the breaker box

You can always put up your own wind turb solar panels and a gas generator

Let me know how that works out for you

to Antiwhiner #1431935

Apparently you don’t know the difference between whining and standing up for what’s right! Maybe you like to take it up the *** from Entergy or maybe you work for them. We are stuck with them as our provider and due to HOA, putting up a wind turbine and/or solar panels is not allowed in our neighborhood.


My Restoration charges are 50% of my total bills!!I have 5 accounts and pay $800-$1200 per month in restoration charges!!

I alone could pay for the repairs since they rarely repair anything correctly!!The duct tape type repairs do not warrant these charges!


Entergy of Louisiana is making Billions on the backs of their customers without checking to see if they're on disability, or if they're elderly! This is wrong, and this Governor, State Commissioners should do something to help, since the POTUS promised lower Elec bills!


What is HRC/SRC rider for 25.18


Entergy is doing just what Hitler did!Forced theft of power & taxpayer funds!

We should sue!

We have no such contract with Entergy to take additional funds from us!Call your legislators now!


The Storm Restoration Charge on your bill represents the monies collected to pay for the financing of the storm costs and reserves associated with five different hurricanes – Katrina, Rita, Gustav, Ike and Isaac.Entergy used special bond financing options that are spread over a number of years to save customers millions of dollars.

Katrina and Rita costs started in 2008 and are set to expire in 2018, Gustav and Ike started in 2010 and will expire in 2022 and Isaac started last year and will expire in 2024.

The Storm Restoration Offset line item on your bill represents the guaranteed customer savings and other contingency savings realized because of the special financing approved by the Louisiana Public Service Commission. Both the storm restoration charge and the storm restoration offset line item are subject to adjustments during the year.

In addition, we received a determination from the IRS related to the Katrina/Rita storm cost savings that resulted in additional savings being passed on to customers in the Storm Restoration Offset line item. Those additional savings will extend for 10 years.

Recovering from storms requires a quick response that is very costly.

These strategic set of financial actions were approved by the Louisiana Public Service Commission and allow us to respond, restore and safely reconnect power more quickly and efficiently in future storm recovery efforts.Without these reserves restoring the system following a storm would be long and hard.

We hope this summary helps.

Houma, Louisiana, United States #1315009

Yeah, I've griped about this from the very beginning.I was told when it first came on my bill that it was to offset the losses Energy experienced after Katrina.

You can just about give up on Energy complaints. They have dealt with 100's of law suits. Once you get the Federal Government in you pocket, and vice-versa, it's over. You'll have about as much hope fighting Energy as you would fighting the TSA over dragging you off of a United flight.

Add my name to any class action suit...

they are the most arrogant pseudo-business I deal with.I'll go so far as to say they make AT&T look reasonable.

Who wouldn't love to have a business where you have to make a profit and 500% of ALL loses are passed on to the customer?

to Nugg #1410997

Then its time to take it back by Tesla!

Vidor, Texas, United States #1313835

This is outrageous, storm restoration is listed twice and so is hurricane reconstruction charge.Not only that I don't live in Louisiana but Texas.

This should be part of Energy doing business. Legislators approved it for the consumer to absorb this cost from past and future storms, there has to be some kind of cap on amount of so called reserve for this fund. They are going to collect for the maximum 10 years.

The best part is they make interest off of the customers funding $$$$$$$.We need a governmental lawyer to fight this


I've called Entergy many times about this charge and NEVER got a clear answer as to how the amount is accumulated not why we are being charged,they NEVER have an answer but i'm all in on a class action suit because as you said why aren't people more VOCAL about this matter but if i may can post this article on my facebook page because it needs to GO VIRAL!

Hammond, Louisiana, United States #1231806

Majority of customers have no clue this is going on more people need to get on board a class action suit our government is corrupt and their pockets lined in good with blood money from passing a law that Entergy can charge us the Flood Restoration charge.

Hammond, Louisiana, United States #1231802

I want to start a class action suit against energy.They make millions of us already with out the storm restoration.

I am being charged $32.You can reach me at

Monroe, Louisiana, United States #1225583

When u make 7.25 an hour and dont get food stamps or any help that charge is just robbing us

Plaquemine, Louisiana, United States #1219253

Plain and simple--greed and gouging and the politicians are in bed w/Entergy w/ordinary citizens paying the price.


Big buissness,banks,energy,pharmaceutical, water,things a citizen must have,they write their own laws.The only way to correct this corruption is to go to the gold standard

Chalmette, Louisiana, United States #1182964

Entergy is now paying an annual dividend of 4.22%!pretty *** good for a company that is raping its customers.

Fire the regulators/legislators.Vote!

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